Warmly Welcome to Our Village

Our village is named Myinmahti combined with five small villages: Taungchay Ywar, APhaw Ywar, ALal Ywar, Zay Kong Ywar and Talepyar Ywar. Danu ethnic, Taungyoe ethnic and PaOh ethnic live in our village.
Our village is located near Kalaw, Shan State and on the Highway road to Loikaw, Kayah State.
Our friendly and hospitable people with tranquil atmosphere surrounded by mountains are happy to host you.


Candlelight Walk in the late evening in Myinmahti village group


24 Nov 2015

Candle light walk

Myinmahti villagers held Candlelight Walk in the late evening about 8 pm on two days ahead of Tasaungdaing Festival (Fire Balloon Festival). This walk was heading to village monastery from the main village road. During the walk, young girls, children and villagers held candle in hand and young men lift stands filled with household things and money which were going to offer to monks. Bands of young villagers played their traditional musical instruments and danced. The meaning of this walk let all villagers know their good deeds.